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tv   Dallas GOP Dinner- Pete Sessions Charlie Kirk Ryan Sitton  CSPAN  April 24, 2019 8:52am-9:01am EDT

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>> do you want to head back here? [inaudible conversations] former congressman pete sessions and turning point usa founder charlie cook spoke recently at republican dinner in dallas, texas. they are edited by dallas county republican party chair. >> so anyway, one of my dear friends said you must talk to pete sessions, because if you want understand what's going on in texas, and you want to
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understand the fight, he is the man to know. and with that i must say i started learning about pete, and as we all know, the honorable pete sessions is a legend. he is here. he has fought come he service in the fifth district come he served us in the 32nd district, and he served us in the most powerful committee in the entire country, the rules committee. the only reason the united states house of representatives actually get anything done is because of the leadership of one man and one committee, and that is our beloved pete sessions. make the mistake about it. and when you want to go and say how did we take back the house, i can tell you one name. that is pete sessions. because pete knows how to sell the fight. he knows how to serve, and he
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knows what it means to make sure that we protect the entire country in terms of liberty, opportunity and he understands the threats from the left. but most importantly he understands us. and with that i like to take a moment and have us all give our beloved pete sessions a tremendous round of applause and welcome. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. our operative tonight to hear from our great ryan zinke and administrator pruitt's. i think gives us an understanding, david, how are you? gives us an understanding of exactly the thoughtful, articulation of our republican
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party and why we believe that our policy makes life better for americans. and that is why we have smart and able people who are ready at the call to not only discuss the important attributes of policy,, but also to play them out. i want to say before i go too far, i want to thank each and every one of you, not only for your hard work, your sweat and tears over the years, but also for your firm belief that our greatest days in america like in front of us, and what we need to do we look forward to, and that is in two years. secondly, i want to say thank you to table 17 and 18. 18. my staff is over there. for each one of you and the people who stood beside me. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] i know their timing me tonight. they will time all of us.
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sorry about that. but tonight i want to take just a minute and tell you why what ryan zinke said and administrator pruitt's said was correct. and that is that when america has gotten better, , marginally better, it is because republicans have utilized a policy that we believe in. and i think back to 2005 when it was the republican party that passed a law and signed by president bush that said all ground and surface water will be controlled by the states as opposed to the federal government. because we understood that the takeover by the democratic party was exactly that over every creak, over every river, over every like to take over every single part of what ever it was water that the federal government would control. that night as directly to the ability just a couple years ago when republicans came up with this darn idea that we should
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put our energy into the world market as opposed to not offering our opportunity for the world by our energy products. and in wylie, sexy, over six weeks yes went from $4.39 a gallon to $1.29. [applause] it has opened up a marketplace for all of our people involved the energy to go and sell the products overseas, and today as secretary zinke said we are the saudi arabia of energy for the world. and -- [applause] yes. it is these things that we have stood for. i want to take just a minute and give you some insight i have returned from singapore and china where i spent the last ten days. and a big discussion over there
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is about how they are going to fall in line with america, not fight america. and as you know the communist party of china had their great big yearly meeting, unanimous vote, there was no dissension, believe that. i wouldn't want to dissent either. and what happened was that they decided that they are going to open themselves up to american ideas of investment and opportunities from the world. they didn't say america. they just said the world. and here is why this is happeni. this is happening because our president donald trump has the guts and the vision actually to take on this tariff issue. you would say boy, the timing was bad. yes, the timing was bad, but the outcome is going to be on his
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timeline as an advantage and it is at this that the chinese and the americans are going to stop all tariffs which means that the winners industry, the chinese people, not the chinese government. the chinese government has been winning and taking money off these tariffs for a long, long time and then sticking it to the chinese consumer. just like you see in france where the french government makes money off energy. they make money off taxing gasoline and they are sick and tired of it. and what will happen here is you're going to see a huge revolution i believe in china, and it's already started with the chinese government now is developing their own irs. they are demanding that every single person in china above a certain level start processing and turning in what kind of
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money they have. they've never had to report it. they now have over 340 billionaires. so what's going to happen is, is that we are changing their communist system to where you will find their enterprise system that hates their damn irs, too. and we're going to look up and say, comrade, how does that feel? .. >> so i think the long-term attribute that you're going to see from president trump and this outcome will mean that our stock market will come all the way roaring back and that we will be prepared in 2020 to not only reclaim the presidency, but we wi t


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